Our Partners

Meet Christi
Christi is the founder of the brand Talk of the Table Company. From her table top cuisines, Christi has redefined what cooking & hospitality is all about. Christi has also been featured on Ellen Tube sharing her story and journey.

Meet Kandi
Kandi is a Content Creator & Entrepreneur who is dominating the gaming & streaming industry. Partnered with several platforms like YouTube & Twitch, Kandi has been an advocate for black success and the LGBTQ Community.

Meet Kalon
Kalon is the owner of the brand KDJ Fishing. An award-winning Tournament Angler (KAYAK), his passion is catching Redfish and Bass. An extensive resume of awards over the years, Kalon seeks to inspire others through his love of the waters.

Chefs Corner

Meet Chef Adrian
Chef Adrian has taken the level of cuisines to a whole new level of flavor across Michigan. Certified Chef, Chef Adrian is the founder and owner of Eriberto's Latin Cuisine.

Meet Chef Patrick
Chef Patrick has done a phenomenal job in various restaurants across the Los Angeles region. Having served as a chef over a restaurant deemed #1 in Venice, Chef Patrick passion can be found in all of his flavors!